The Shiviti – Psalm 16 : 8 I have set the LORD always before me, Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. (The Shiviti – Courtesy of Professor Dr Brad & Gayle Young)

APCOMM takes root in Hebrew Scripture called ‘The Shiviti’ – Psalm 16 : 8 I have set the LORD always before me, Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. It also means “I am ever mindful of the LORD’s presence.”

Christian Mindfulness is a spiritual practice that engages the process of sanctification to take place within a sphere of ethical activity in the present moment in the presence of God. It creates a pathway to Christ-centered self-awareness, intentionality and openness for God to act in the moment and transform lives through the renewing of the mind. – Dr Charles Lee, Founder of APCOMM, APCOD.

At a time when ‘Mindfulness’ is the new activism of the 21st century, even touted as the antidote for renewed ‘Health and Longevity’ in a post-pandemic world that is in disruption, fragmentation and distraction, Christian Mindfulness and its central role in the sanctification of the present moment where time and eternity meet, has indeed taken a backstage and needs to come to the forefront of all discussion about mindful discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth in every matter and area of life under the Lordship of Christ.

“The Christian mind is designed and created to imitate after the mind of Christ. Mindful Discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth begins with an authentic desire and intention to shape the attitude of the heart and mind through a Hebraic-Christian understanding of mindfulness so we can follow in the footsteps of Jesus more closely and draw nearer to God in the present moment. 

Developing the posture that learning is for life and life is for learning requires skills that are biblical and Christ-centered and mindfulness is one such tool that allows us to connect with self and God to better face the challenges in a post-pandemic world that is fractured, disrupted and full of evil distractions that pollute the mind and brings darkness to the soul.

APCOMM aims to rediscover the biblical understanding of the mind of God both in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the New Testament and explore biblical mindfulness as a tool to renew the mind in the presence of God and become more Christ-like in all areas of life.

Dr Charles Lee,
Founder of APCOMM